House Plans

Cottage Ranch Townhome Two-Story


Adapt Existing House Plans or Design from Scratch

When planning your new home we can help you begin from scratch, adapt an existing home style as a jumping-off point, or modify one of our existing house plans to meet your tastes.

Have an idea for a magnificent wine cellar? No problem. A custom driveway? No problem. A state-of-the-art home theater? No problem. Phillippe Builders works with the finest architects, engineers, and construction professionals from the area and beyond to see that your vision comes to fruition.

Find the Home Model That’s Right for You

Start creating your dream home by choosing a neighborhood that will suit your lifestyle, whether one of our many welcoming Phillippe communities or a special place that you’ve found on your own. You’ll find that once you’ve picked out the lot where your home will be built you’ll be better able to visualize the style of home that best fits your vision.

Next, peruse our collection of house plans to find a design that is spacious enough for you and your family and that expresses your tastes and personality. Your Phillippe Home Consultant will help you explore the many options while remaining within your budget. The home model you choose will become the starting point in the creative process of designing your custom Phillippe home.

Working with your Home Consultant, you’ll customize every detail of the house plan to your liking. Then, our craftsmen will get to work. You’ll watch your new house take shape, built with quality materials from the foundation to the rafters. Once everything has been completed to your satisfaction you’ll take the keys and walk into a home built just for you—a home built for life.